What is a pension finder?

If you’re not sure where your old pensions are, you can get a pension finder service to help you. PensionBee locates your pensions and combines them into a single, good-value plan, so that you can manage your retirement saving online in one place.

Finding a lost pension

If you’ve had several different jobs, you may have paid into several different workplace pensions. It’s easy to lose track of these previous pensions, especially if you’ve moved house and you no longer receive pension statements.

To find an old pension, contact your previous employers, providing details like your employment dates, the rough dates of your pension scheme membership and your National Insurance number. You can also try searching on the Pension Tracing Service, which is a database of pension provider contact details.

Once you’ve identified your pension provider, you can contact them to find out details about your pension, including the value of your pension pot, the fees you’re paying, and how your money is being invested.

Pension finder service

Alternatively, you can use a pension finder service to help you find your old pensions.

Here at PensionBee, we have a team of BeeKeepers who help you with your pension consolidation.

Once you’ve signed up to PensionBee and given us a few personal and employment details, your BeeKeeper gets to work contacting your pension providers to get a transfer balance for each of your old pensions.

Your pensions are then combined into your brand new PensionBee plan. You’ll be able to manage your retirement saving online in one place, so you’ll never lose track of your pension again!

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PensionBee combines all your pensions into a single, good value online plan.

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