Finding & transferring pensions

Our Finding and Transferring Pensions section outlines the basics of bringing your pensions together. Learn how to trace lost pensions and transfer them into one plan, or simply weigh up the pros and cons of combining your old pots.


How can I find my pensions?

Find out what to do if you’ve lost a pension and who you can contact for help and learn how PensionBee can help you combine old pensions.

What is a pension finder?

Discover what a pension finder is and how it can help you track down an old pension. Learn about PensionBee’s pension finder service.

How to trace a lost pension

If you’ve misplaced your paperwork or lost a pension, find out how you can track it down using the Pension Tracing Service.

The Pension Tracing Service

Find out what The Pension Tracing Service is and how it can help you find a lost workplace or personal pension in a few easy steps.

How to find a pension number

Unsure what a pension number is? Learn where you can find it on your pension paperwork and who to contact for help.

What happens to my pension when I leave a company?

Learn what you can do to better manage your old workplace pensions, as you move from job to job.


Overseas pension transfers

It’s usually possible to transfer a defined contribution pension overseas, but not all defined benefit pensions are eligible. In some cases you’ll need to seek advice from an independent adviser.

How can I transfer pensions?

Discover how straightforward it is to transfer a pension and learn the benefits of having all of your pensions together in one place.

Should I transfer my pension?

Find out the benefits of transferring your old pensions into one and the things you should consider, especially if you have a defined benefit pension.

Why is my transfer taking so long?

If your pension transfer is taking longer than you expected, find out what might be causing the delay and learn what you can do to speed things up.

Pension transfer charges

Find out what pension transfer charges can apply and discover the things you’ll need to consider before you transfer a pension.

What is a frozen pension and what are my frozen pension options?

Learn what a frozen pension is and the benefits of transferring all of your old dormant pensions into one pot for easier management and reduced fees.

How to transfer an overseas pension to the UK

A Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes, or 'ROPS', can in fact be transferred back to the UK.

What is an exit fee?

Some older pension types may charge an exit fee when you transfer a pension. Learn what an exit fee is and its potential impact on your pension.

How we handle exit fees and special benefits here at PensionBee

Learn how we handle any exit fees your old pension provider may charge or special benefits that may be lost out on when transferring a pension to us.

What are With-Profits pensions funds?

Learn more about what With-Profits pensions funds are.

Protecting consumers and their legitimate transfers

Find out what the 2021 anti-scams legislation is and how it may impact your pension transfer.

Combine your pensions

At PensionBee, we do things differently. There are no hidden service fees, platform fees, or any other kind of confusing fees - just one clear annual fee.

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