What is the Pensions Advisory Service?

The Pensions Advisory Service is a non-departmental public body that provides free information and guidance on pensions. You can find pension information on their website, write to them, or speak to a pensions adviser by phone or web chat.

The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) can give you free, impartial pensions advice. They can give you information about the State Pension and help with private pensions and workplace pensions too.

Whether you’ve got a general question or a specific query relating to your pension, the Pensions Advisory Service will try to help you find a solution. They also consult with the government and the pensions industry to help develop future pensions policy.

The Pensions Advisory Service has in-house pension experts and a nationwide network of volunteer advisers. If you need help with your pension, the first port of call is the website, and from there you can find out how to speak to an expert.

It’s important to note that the Pensions Advisory Service does not give regulated advice, so depending on the type of help you need, they may recommend that you contact an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) instead.

Using the Pensions Advisory Service website

The Pensions Advisory Service website has hundreds of pages of useful content from the pension basics to a detailed breakdown of every pension type. It’s split into three main sections to help you find the information you’re looking for faster.

  • Ask us

This section has all of the Pensions Advisory Service’s contact information as well as the phone numbers of various helplines. You can explore the help available to you in retirement and browse a selection of useful guides, tools and videos.

  • About pensions

Here you’ll find the pension basics as well as information on saving into a pension and the options you can explore in retirement. It also has detailed explanations about the State Pension, from how it works to living overseas. You’ll also find out about the latest government regulation in this section.

  • Pension problems

If you have a problem with your pension you can find out what your options are and who you can contact. From making a complaint to protecting your pension, this section aims to help you resolve any issues you may be having.

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If you’re still confused, check out our Pensions Explained section. We’ve put together articles all about pensions, to help you gain a better understanding without getting caught up in the confusing parts.

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