Where can I find pension advice?

Free pension advice is available online on sites like The Pensions Advisory Service and Age UK. You can also pay to see an independent financial adviser (IFA), who is authorised to give you pension advice. Over 50s are eligible for a free pension advice session from Pension Wise.

Where to get pension advice

Whether you’re thinking about opening a pension plan, you’re looking at transferring your pension, or you’re nearing retirement and considering your options, you can get free information and pension advice from websites like The Pensions Advisory Service.

You should always make sure you’re fully clued-up when you’re making pension decisions, and seek further advice if you feel you need it. In particular, if you want to transfer a defined benefit pension worth over £30,000 then you need to consult an independent financial adviser first.

If you’re 50 or over you can get a free Pension Wise appointment. This is a 45-minute conversation with a pension specialist, who will help you understand what you can do with your pension pot.

PensionBee doesn’t provide pension advice

PensionBee is non-advisory, so we don’t give pension advice or offer personal recommendations to customers.

Instead, we can provide you with information about our service so that you can make up your own mind about whether PensionBee is right for you. Explore our website or give us a buzz on 020 3457 8444 to find out more about us. Or, if you’re ready to move your pensions to a new online plan, sign up to PensionBee here.

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