Pension basics

Our Pension Basics section helps you get to grips with retirement saving before you start contributing and withdrawing. We explain what a pension is, how tax relief works, and outline what a good pension pot looks like. Plus, we tell you about the hidden charges that could be eating into your pension.


What is a pension?

Discover what a pension is and the three different types - state, workplace and personal. Learn how pensions work and why you need one for retirement.

What is a pension fund?

Find out how pension funds work and the different types you can choose. Learn about the benefits of saving into a pension fund ahead of retirement.

How do pensions work?

Find out the main differences between defined contribution and defined benefit pensions and discover how workplace, personal and State Pensions work.

What are active and passive funds?

Learn about the two main ways to invest your money into the stock market: active and passive funds and the differences between them.

How much should a pension grow each year?

Find out more about the multiple ways in which your pension can grow over time, based on the type of assets in your pension plan.

Pensions and tax: the ultimate guide

Our straightforward guide tells you all you need to know about pensions and tax, from contribution limits to the tax-free lump sum at retirement.

Pension tax relief and the tapered annual allowance for high earners

Learn how pension tax relief works and the rules that apply for high earners. Find out how to claim tax relief and add it to your pension savings.

Pension glossary

Discover the meanings of some of the most commonly used pension terms in this glossary and jargon buster.

Special pension benefits glossary

Read our glossary of special pension benefits to find out how they work and what you’re likely to receive if you decide to change or move your pension.


How to choose a pension

Find out the things you should consider when choosing a pension. Learn about PensionBee’s plans, backed by three of the world’s biggest money managers.

What is the best private pension?

Find out what a private pension is and discover how tax relief can help grow your savings. Learn how easy it is to start a pension with PensionBee.


How are pensions invested?

Learn more about how pensions increasingly invest in a variety of asset classes including shares, bonds, property and even things like gold.

How do I check my pension?

Find out how to check your pension balance using a pension statement or an online account. Learn how to check a State Pension and find a lost pension.

What is a good pension pot?

Find out how much in savings you’ll need to live a comfortable retirement and how you can set yourself a retirement goal and increase your contributions.

What is a pension calculator?

Find out how a pension calculator works and how you can use it to determine how much you’ll need to save to achieve your dream retirement.

Where can I find pension advice?

Need some pensions advice? Discover where you can get general information and guidance and find out where over 50s can get free specialist advice.

Should I pay into a pension or an ISA?

Learn the benefits of saving into an ISA and a pension, and understand the differences in relation to tax relief, returns, withdrawals and inheritance.


What are pension charges?

Find out what the most common pension charges are and how to check what fees you’re paying. Learn how high pension charges can impact your savings.

Pension management charges

Find out how to check how much you’re being charged by the people managing your pension.


How to certify a document

Find out how to certify a document and why your pension provider may ask you to do this during a transfer or when claiming an old pension.

Where to find your National Insurance number

Find out how we can use your National Insurance Number to track down your old pensions and where you can locate it on various forms of documentation.

What is a pension statement?

Learn what a pension statement is and how it can help you see how your pension is performing. Find out what to do if you're not receiving pension statements.

How to read a fund factsheet

A fund fact sheet can tell you a lot: where it invests, how much it costs and what it aims to achieve but what does it all mean?

Combine your pensions

At PensionBee, we do things differently. There are no hidden service fees, platform fees, or any other kind of confusing fees - just one clear annual fee.

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