Pension rules

Our Pension Rules section will get you up to speed on the latest UK pension legislation. Learn more about the pension age, the pension protections in place, and the death and divorce rules that currently apply.


Pension legislation

Find out what early pension release is and the rules and consequences of withdrawing money from your pension before the age of 55.

Pension age

Find out how old you need to be to draw a State Pension and the age for accessing your personal or workplace pensions, including future age increases.

Pension credit

Find out how Pension Credit works and the rules that apply.


Find out what SERPS is, what’s meant by the term ‘contracting out’ and who is eligible to receive the Additional State Pension.

Workplace pension law

Find out how old you need to be to draw a State Pension and the age for accessing your personal or workplace pensions, including future age increases.

What is pension clawback?

Find out more about pension clawback and what it could mean for your retirement.

Pension rules after bankruptcy

Find out what happens to your pension if you‘re declared bankrupt.

What happens to my pension if I am made redundant?

Find out what happens to your pension if you're made redundant.

What happens to my pension if I move abroad?

Learn what happens to your pension if you move abroad.

What does capital at risk mean?

Learn what 'capital at risk' means.

How much tax do you pay inside IR35 on pension contributions?

IR35 is a complex bit of legislation that determines a contractor’s tax liabilities. Increasing pension contributions may lower the amount of tax due, but there’s no requirement to alter existing arrangements.


What is the Pension Protection Fund?

Find out what The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) is, how it works and who it protects should a pension scheme go bust. Learn how to make a claim.

What is the FSCS?

Unsure what the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is? Find out how it works and how it can help you.

What is the Pensions Ombudsman?

Learn how the Pensions Ombudsman can help you settle a complaint with your pension scheme and find out how to get in touch.

What is the Pensions Regulator?

Find out what the role of The Pensions Regulator is and how it can protect you should a problem arise with your workplace pension.


Pension rules after death

Discover the rules surrounding death and pensions and how can you set up beneficiaries with PensionBee.

Power of attorney

Power of attorney gives someone you trust the legal authority to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so yourself.

Pension beneficiaries

Discover how can you set up beneficiaries for your pension with PensionBee.

What is a widow’s pension?

Find out what a widow's pension is and the benefits you may be entitled to when your spouse or civil partner dies.

Pension death benefits

Learn more about how death benefit policies in your pension, or insurance policies, can help your family financially when you pass away.

What to do when someone dies

Losing a loved one is incredibly hard. It’s important to take care of yourself during this challenging time. Here are some practical steps to consider.

Inheritance Tax guide

Find out what Inheritance Tax is, how to work out what you need to pay and when, and some of the ways you can reduce it.


What happens to your pension when in hospital?

Learn what happens to your workplace pension, State Pension and how your Pension Credits could be affected when in hospital.


Separation and divorce

Divorce is never easy, but it can be especially complicated when it comes to pensions. Learn about some of the main issues to consider.

How are finances split in a divorce?

Find out how finances can be split in a divorce in the UK and what you can do to protect your retirement savings.

How long after divorce can you claim a pension?

Learn about the pension rules that apply when you're going through a divorce.

How does divorce or remarrying affect your pension?

Through employee contributions, income tax, and personal contributions you may accrue pensionable benefits over your career. When you enter a marriage or civil partnership there can be legal consequences that may impact your pension.

Pension Sharing Order

Many couples get married to convey their commitment to each other. However, marriage also has legal implications. If a marital union dissolves, the court granting the divorce may split their financial assets - including any pensions accrued. The court order which defines the division of pensions is known as a Pension Sharing Order (PSO).

Pension Offsetting

Pension Offsetting's one of the options available to you when you're splitting assets in a divorce or when you're dissolving a civil partnership. Pension Offsetting means each party uses the value of their pension to offset against other assets such as property.

Pension Attachment Orders and Earmarking

When you get a divorce, you may find financial assets being discussed in court. A pension can be one of the biggest assets. One way of dividing it up is through Pension Attachment or Earmarking.

How does divorce affect the State Pension?

Divorce can have a significant impact on your finances, including your pensions. Find out how divorce affects your State Pension and learn about protected payments.

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