Finding and transferring pensions

If you’re looking to locate your old or lost pensions or want to learn more about transferring and combining pensions, then this handy section in our Pensions Explained centre has you covered.

We’ve explained what you can do to find any old pensions and what options you have once you’ve found them. We’ve made it simple to understand what combining your pensions means and what you should look out for before making the decision to consolidate.

If you have any questions about finding or transferring pensions that we haven’t covered here, feel free to get in touch with us over Live Chat.

How can I find my pensions?

The Pension Tracing Service

How can I transfer my pensions?

What is a pension finder?

How to find a lost pension

Should I move my pensions into one?

Why is my transfer taking so long?

Should I transfer my pensions?

Frozen pension options

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Have a question?

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