Taking your pension

Whether it’s time to take your pension or you’re just planning ahead, our Pensions Explained centre can answer all your questions.

There are a bunch of options available to you when you reach retirement. It can be easy to get muddled up with all the different options for your pension savings, so we’ve broken it down into bitesize chunks. Learn about taking a tax-free lump sum from your pension pot, buying an annuity, and what exactly income drawdown means.

If you have any questions about taking your pension that we haven’t covered here, feel free to let us know over on Live Chat.

What can I do with my pension?

How do you draw money out of your pension?

Can I cash in my pension?

Early pension release

Can I take my pension at 55?

What is income drawdown?

What is flexi-access drawdown?

Drawdown charges

How does pension drawdown tax work?

What is a pension annuity?

Should I drawdown or buy an annuity?

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