Family and Care

Our family and care section is the place to find out more about looking after family members, what to do when expecting a baby, or family problems like illness, divorce or bereavement.


Becoming a parent

However many books, parenting guides and articles you read, the truth is that nothing can completely prepare you for it.

Shared Parental Leave and Pay

Find out about Shared Parental Leave, who can take it, how much you'll get and read about the benefits and how you can make it work for you.

Paternity leave and paternity pay

When expecting a child in the UK, one partner can take Statutory Paternity Leave while the other partner’s either on Statutory Maternity Leave or Statutory Adoption Leave.

Adoption leave and adoption pay

If you're planning to adopt a child in the UK, you might be wondering what your rights are for parental leave and pay. Read about Statutory Adoption Pay and how taking adoption leave impacts your pension.

Pension contributions while on parental leave

Find out how your pension contributions are impacted by parental leave. Learn how it works and how you can prepare for it.


How long after divorce can you claim a pension?

Learn about the pension rules that apply when you're going through a divorce.

How does divorce or remarrying affect your pension?

Through employee contributions, income tax, and personal contributions you may accrue pensionable benefits over your career. When you enter a marriage or civil partnership there can be legal consequences that may impact your pension.

Pension Sharing Order

Many couples get married to convey their commitment to each other. However, marriage also has legal implications. If a marital union dissolves, the court granting the divorce may split their financial assets - including any pensions accrued. The court order which defines the division of pensions is known as a Pension Sharing Order (PSO).

Pension offsetting

Pension offsetting's one of the options available to you when you're splitting assets in a divorce or when you're dissolving a civil partnership. Pension offsetting means each party uses the value of their pension to offset against other assets such as property.

Pension Attachment Orders and earmarking

When you get a divorce, you may find financial assets being discussed in court. A pension can be one of the biggest assets. One way of dividing it up is through pension attachment or earmarking.

How does divorce affect the State Pension?

Divorce can have a significant impact on your finances, including your pensions. Find out how divorce affects your State Pension and learn about protected payments.


What happens to your pension when in hospital?

Learn what happens to your workplace pension, State Pension and how your Pension Credits could be affected when in hospital.

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