Paying into a pension

In this part of our Pensions Explained centre, you can learn more about saving into your pension and making pension contributions. We’ve broken down your options for you, including making regular and one-off payments into your pension, and paying into your pension when you’re self-employed.

Did you know that pensions also come with tax benefits? We know that getting your head around tax can be daunting so we’ve got rid of the jargon and made it easier for you to understand how tax top-ups (also called tax relief) could make your pension contributions go even further.

If you have any questions about pension contributions that we haven’t covered here, feel free to send a message through on Live Chat.

Making pension contributions

Pension contribution limits

Government pension contributions

Pension contributions from your limited company

Pension tax relief

Saving into a pension plan

Pension top up (state, personal and workplace)

Private pensions for the self-employed

Deciding whether to pay into a pension

Paying a lump sum into a pension

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