Pension contributions

Our Pension Contributions section takes you through the basics of saving. Learn how to make contributions, how much to pay in, and what contribution limits apply, plus discover what your options are if you’re self-employed.


Making pension contributions

Find out how much the average person pays into their pension, and how our pension calculator can help you decide what level of contributions to make.

How to check your pension contributions

Discover how to check your personal and workplace pension contributions and find out how to protect your State Pension.

When should I start a pension?

Learn the benefits of starting a pension early and find out how contributions from your employer and tax relief from HMRC can boost your savings.

How much should I pay into my pension?

Find out the key things you should consider when deciding how much to save into a pension, and the benefits of tax relief and employer contributions.

How to pay a lump sum into a pension

Find out the rules for paying a lump sum into your pension, and why saving more into your pension can help you reach your retirement goals, faster.

How do government pension contributions work?

Find out how the government contributes to your pension in the form of tax relief. Learn how it works and how PensionBee can help you claim it.

How do I top my pension? (state, personal and workplace)

Find out how you can top up your workplace or personal pension with additional payments and lump sums, and learn the rules for State Pension top up.


Private pensions for the self-employed

If you’re self-employed, find out how to set up your own private pension. Learn about tax relief and the benefits of choosing your own pension fund.

Pension contributions from your limited company

Find out how to manage staff pension contributions from a limited company and learn the tax benefits pension contributions can bring to your business.


How much can I pay into a pension each year?

Find out how much you can pay into your pension each year and the tax relief limits, including when the new tapered allowance takes effect.

Pension contribution limits

Find out how much you can contribute to your pension and receive a tax top up from HMRC, and learn what happens if you exceed the contribution limit.

Pension carry forward rule

Find out how the pension carry forward rule can help you manage your pension contributions more tax efficiently.

Pension overpayment

Concerned about receiving too much of your pension? Learn how it can happen and what to do when overpayment occurs.

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Your pension in one place

PensionBee combines all your pensions into a single, good value online plan.

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