Challenging the industry on everything from response times to annual fees

Mark James

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02 Aug 2016 /  

Aug 2016

Challenging the industry on everything from response times to annual fees

We’re a pleasant and patient bunch here at PensionBee, but we too have our limits.

Ever since we started, your old pension providers have been making life tricky, so we decided it was time to get our own back and give an almighty shock to the industry. Our Robin Hood Index reveals everything from provider response times to annual fees, and from news rooms to boardrooms it’s fair to say we’ve ruffled a few feathers…

More column inches than the Kardashians

Ok, so our data didn’t quite break the internet but it did shake up the financial press. The shocking findings saw us featured in The Telegraph, The Times and the Daily Mail as well as a number of industry-specific titles like CityWire and PensionsAge.

So why exactly did we do this?

We’ve been shocked by what we’ve seen, and we want to deliver real change to the pension industry. We’re passionate about pensions (yes, really) and making saving simpler, and we’ll continue to call out bad behaviour - this is just the beginning…

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