Our security policies

We only have the best people, technology and processes protecting your pension.

protecting your personal information

We'll protect your personal information

We meticulously vet the identity of all employees and customers to avoid the risk of identity fraud, or any other unauthorised access to your information or account. We'll never share your personal information without your permission.

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information encryption

We'll keep your data secure

We protect your data with the strongest, most up-to-date technology and processes. All of your information is safely encrypted using Transport Layer Security, and we're registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner's Office (registration ZA131262).

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protecting your personal information

We've been independently vetted

Our data security practices comply with the UK Government's Cyber Essentials Scheme. We have recently been awarded the IASME Governance Gold Award certification for cyber security by an independent auditor.

Other important information

PensionBee pensions are structured as long-term insurance contracts and so benefit from up to 100% FSCS protection, should something happen to one of our money managers. PensionBee is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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