Here’s why your pension balance might be falling

Mark James

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06 Feb 2018 /  

Feb 2018

Here’s why your pension balance might be falling

Over the past few days we’ve had customers get in touch about their pension balance, with slight falls being reported by savers big and small. Across the globe, stocks and shares are struggling with very few savers being spared, so you’re by no means alone in experiencing this recent volatility.

We know this can be unsettling - it’s your hard earned money after all - but when it comes to long-term investments, these falls are quite natural. From time to time political, economic, and corporate uncertainty can impact on your pension, and on this occasion it appears that markets are reacting negatively to all three.

What this means for your plan with PensionBee

To counter this volatility, we offer investment diversity. As the value of some assets falls, the value of other assets will usually increase. Plus none of our plans are tied to just one location - every one is invested globally. There’s no way to totally protect you from market tremors, but we believe this is the safest approach. Check out our plans page for a more detailed breakdown of how your money is invested, or head to the account section of the BeeHive if you’re a PensionBee customer.

Above all else it’s important to remember that pensions are long-term products, so although your pension fund is likely to experience some ups and downs, over its lifetime these will generally be balanced out. Rather than making rash decisions, be willing to ride it out.

Of course, nobody can predict with certainty what the future will bring. But the general consensus is that this just a blip and brighter news will soon come.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on developments, and updating you as things progress. If you do have any more questions about your particular plan our BeeKeepers are on hand.

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