Bud and PensionBee partner to make budgeting for retirement simpler

Jasper Martens

by , Chief Marketing Officer

06 Feb 2017 /  

Feb 2017

Bud and PensionBee partner to make budgeting for retirement simpler

PensionBee is introducing a live pension balance through money budgeting app Bud. The partnership offers savers their first chance to manage their pension through a budgeting app, and marks yet another important step in PensionBee’s quest to revolutionise retirement saving.

Since the launch of the online pension manager in June last year, over 17,000 people have signed up to the PensionBee platform. PensionBee combines workplace and personal pensions into one online plan, managed by investment managers BlackRock or State Street.

PensionBee joins established brands American Express, HSBC, RBS and Barclays as well as emerging fintech platforms such as Moneyfarm and World First.

Jasper Martens, VP Marketing of PensionBee commented: “Most users want to see their pensions in one place. 65% of our customers will only deal with us on their mobile phone and skip their desktops altogether. Mobile app Bud will now allow you to see all your finances, including your online PensionBee pension in one place.”

Ed Maslaveckas, CEO of Bud commented: “Our partnership with PensionBee is an excellent example of how all financial products can come together to create a better experience for our users. As well as Pensions, we are linking people’s bank accounts, savings products, investments and mortgages, so people can use all of these products in one place. It’s a simpler way to be in control of all of your finances.”

About PensionBee

PensionBee is an online pension manager that lets you combine your pensions in one online plan. Customers can manage their pensions on their phone, see the balance 24/7 and can make regular or one-off contributions.

About Bud

Bud is a personal finance dashboard and fintech marketplace. Bud users log in via the app to various supported current accounts, savings accounts and other financial products you currently subscribe to, such as money transfer, from which you are able to get a consolidated view of all of your spending and budgeting trends.


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