Tastecard Offer Terms & Conditions

  1. Tastecard Customers can only take part if their account is registered in the UK.

  2. The promotion is only open to new PensionBee customers that have received the Tastecard promotion email.

  3. Customers can only take part once, using one account.

  4. If customers have used more than one account to participate, we reserve the right to withhold any bonus awarded.

  5. Customers must pass PensionBee’s standard AML & KYC checks.

  6. Customers using this offer also adhere to PensionBee standard investor terms and conditions (www.pensionbee.com/terms).

  7. Customers signing up through the Tastecard offer and committing to transfer one or more old pensions, will receive the Tastecard only when those pension/s have gone live.

  8. Customers must have committed to transfer one or more old pensions by 16 December 2018 in order to qualify for the Reward.

  9. Only UK pensions are eligible for transfer.

  10. If their account is cancelled within 30 days of pensions being transferred, the Tastecard will not be send out to the customer.

  11. PensionBee is the sole arbiter of these rules and any other issue arising under this promotion.

  12. An invitation to participate in this offer does not provide assurance that the customer will be accepted as a customer of PensionBee.

  13. PensionBee reserve the right to withdraw this promotion to new customers at any time, and to extend it beyond the initial offer period.

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Have a question?

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