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17 Aug 2022 /  

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At PensionBee, we’re on a mission to make pensions simple. Whether you’re just starting your savings journey, nearing retirement, or somewhere in between, The Pension Confident Podcast’s here to help you get the best out of your pension.

We’re now eight episodes into series one, and have covered a wide range of topics, answering some of the key questions you’re asking, from how to keep your pension on track if you’re self-employed, to how to prepare your kids for their financial future. Philippa and the rest of The Pension Confident Podcast team are taking a well-earned break this month, but we’ll be back at the end of September with episode nine; talking about how to stop money worries affecting your mental health.

Catch up on any episodes you may have missed today by searching for The Pension Confident Podcast on all major podcast platforms. Read on for five key takeaways from the series so far.

1. How big is the gender pension gap?

PensionBee CEO; Romi Savova says: “It takes many, many years to accumulate and build up a pension, and the disparity between men and women actually increases with age.”

In this episode, the panel discusses the average difference between men’s and women’s pension pots, what the gender pension gap is, and how it increases over time.

Philippa’s joined by Personal Finance Editor at The Telegraph; Sam Brodbeck, Founder of Vestpod; Emilie Bellet, and CEO of PensionBee; Romi Savova.

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2. How to simplify your budget during the cost of living crisis

Personal Finance Expert and Managing Director of Mrs Mummypenny; Lynn Beattie says: “Keep a spending diary for a few weeks, or maybe a month and actually understand where your money is going, and then create a realistic budget from that.”

With people having to choose between heating their homes and buying their shopping, episode five sees the panel discuss what’s causing the current crisis, what we can do to cope,and what The Chancellorcan do to ease things for families across the UK.

This episode features Personal Finance Expert and Managing Director of Mrs Mummypenny; Lynn Beattie, CCO and Co-Founder of Snoop; Scott Mowbray, and Chief Engagement Officer at PensionBee; Clare Reilly.

3. What are the benefits of diversification?

PensionBee Chief Engagement Officer; Clare Reilly says: “The strategy of those pensions is to invest in a really wide range of assets and geographies, and what that will do is give you a more consistent performance over time.”

We discuss what diversification is, what the benefits are, and how your investments might perform in the long-term. Plus, we answer your questions on sustainable investing.

Our guests are Founder of Money to the Masses; Damien Fahy, and Chief Engagement Officer at PensionBee; Clare Reilly.

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4. Should you be investing in your property or your pension?

CMO of Habito; Abba Newbery says: “Older people aren’t selling their homes as their retirement fund, and that’s in part because they’ve got their final salary pensions. That’s not going to be the same for my generation or for your generation going forward.”

We cover the evolving landscape of saving for retirement, and whether paying more into your mortgage or pension is more beneficial to your long-term needs.

We speak to CMO of Habito; Abba Newbery, Founder of the Financial Joy Academy and The Humble Penny; Ken Okoroafor, and VP Brand and Communications at PensionBee; Rachael Oku.

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5. What to do if you fall victim to a financial scam

Independent Non-Executive Director at PensionBee and former CEO of The Pensions Advisory Service; Michelle Cracknell CBE says: “Level of knowledge and financial expertise is not a barrier. In fact, in a way because the individual is always looking to improve on the investment performance, then they are prime people to be targeted [by scammers].”

Are you confident you know how to spot a scam, and how can you protect yourself from losing your hard-earned savings to criminals?

In this episode, the panel includes Independent Non-Executive Director at PensionBee and former CEO of The Pensions Advisory Service; Michelle Cracknell CBE, Head of Security and Counter Fraud at the OBIE; Lisa Markey, and CTO of PensionBee; Jonathan Lister Parsons.

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Catch up on the series so far, watch it on YouTube or read the transcripts for any of the episodes on The Buzz.

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Risk warning

As always with investments, your capital is at risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you invest. Anything discussed on the podcast should not be regarded as financial advice.

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