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Dan Stean

by , Performance Manager and Mental Health First Aider

at PensionBee

03 Apr 2020 /  

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic across the globe, in the past few weeks over 95% of our team have had to start, and adapt, to working from home. We do, however, have a critical team operating in the office as some things still have to be done manually like processing post and scanning policy documents. But we’re slowly adjusting to this new way of working, thanks to our wonderful Talent team.

We do, however, have a critical team operating in the office

They surveyed our 100-strong staff to find out how we can work better from home and stay connected, looking at which aspects should be improved and the consensus of how we’re coping throughout this challenging time. This has resulted in us becoming much closer, as colleagues have been driving across London delivering screen monitors and Wi-Fi boosters, while others have been sharing tips of how to cope with working from home (from going for regular exercise and stretching to making sure we get fresh air!). That really is the value of Love!

At PensionBee we have three Mental Health First Aiders whose job is to help, look after and care for the wellbeing of our team. They’re trained in helping deal with mental health situations and this has been emphasised and communicated to everyone during the pandemic. The aiders are well known throughout PensionBee, are approachable and always happy to help. Team leaders and senior management have also been arranging regular feedback sessions with their teams, our infamous Happiness! meetings, and one-to one catch-ups to make sure everyone’s healthy, well equipped and happy with their new home offices. These regular check-ins are also crucial to ensure we remain focussed on our goal of delivering a leading pension product.

We’re doing everything we can to make sure we’re still giving our customers the best service

From home we’re still able to do the vast majority of our office work which ranges from replying to emails and answering calls from providers and customers and, ultimately, doing all we can to consolidate our customers’ pensions as quickly and simply as possible. We strive to answer customer emails the same day and are maintaining a phone call answer rate of above 90%. The team is, however, looking forward to getting back into the office and for things in the world around us to go back to normal. For the time being we’re doing everything we can to make sure we’re still giving our customers the best service, even while performing “business as usual” from our homes!

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