What happened at PensionBee in March 2019

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27 Mar 2019 /  

What happened at PensionBee in March 2019

It’s been another busy month in the PensionBee office as we continue working on updates and improvements, in line with our mission to create an innovative pension product for our customers. Here are some of our highlights from March.

We’re rolling out My Plan updates for our mobile app

My Plan app updates

We’re always looking to provide our customers with greater insight into their savings, from our easy pensions explainers to helping customers understand their pension performance. We’ve recently made some shiny improvements to your plan page, which you can find under the ‘Account’ tab when you log into your online dashboard. You’ll find information about your plan and its performance, as well as additional resources to help you get into the nitty gritty of your pension plan.

We’re now rolling out these updates to our mobile app, to make it even easier to learn about your plan and how it’s performing. Currently, Android users will find a new ‘Plan information’ link on their ‘Account’ tab, under the ‘My Plan’ heading. Here, you’ll be able to find details about your plan, performance charts, and other useful information. We’ll be rolling out the new update to iOS users in the next couple of weeks, alongside additional resource documents for both platforms.

Guest blogger Faith Archer wrote about the gender pension gap

Guest post

For International Women’s Day this year, finance journalist and money blogger Faith Archer wrote an insightful guest post for PensionBee, highlighting the gender pension gap and steps we can all take to close it. Faith builds on our research which shows that, on average, men in the UK have 31% more in their pots than women, with the gap increasing to 42% for men and women in their 50s. Yikes!

Faith addresses the cause of this gap, including its links to the gender pay gap, and offers some helpful suggestions for women to close the gap and make the most of their pension savings. You can read Faith’s full post on our blog.

PensionBee is shortlisted for three UK Pensions Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for a whopping THREE UK Pensions Awards! PensionBee has been shortlisted in three categories: DC Pension Provider of the Year, DC Innovation of the Year, and Retirement Innovation of the Year. Congratulations to all of this year’s finalists!

Keep an eye out for our next update on our blog. We’re always working on new features to make our customers happy, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section or over on social media, and we’ll feed it back to the team.

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