How PensionBee revived Lynn’s pension savings

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29 July 2019 /  

How PensionBee revived Lynn’s pension savings

Personal finance blogger and mum of three Lynn was keen to start saving into her pension again after taking some time off work to set up her business. Lynn needed an easy, flexible self-employed pension as she entered her 40s.

PensionBee’s self-employed solution

Lynn consolidated her old pensions with PensionBee, finding our transfer process simple and painless. We just needed some basic details about her old pensions, like her provider name and policy number, and then we did all the work - no paperwork, no fuss.

One of the things I really love about PensionBee and being self-employed is that I’ve got flexibility to put whatever I choose into my pension each month.

Now, Lynn can make contributions into her pension straight through our app, with no minimum or fixed contribution amount. With a fluctuating self-employed income, this means that Lynn can save an amount that works for her each month, whether it’s £1000 or £100.

Achieving long-term financial goals

In previous jobs, Lynn didn’t opt in to her workplace pension scheme, a financial decision she regrets as she gets closer to retirement. Now that she’s saving into her PensionBee plan, Lynn feels reassured as she tracks the performance of her savings on the app.

It feels incredible to have that visibility. It gives me a sense of reassurance that I know exactly what’s going on with my money.

It’s always better to start saving for retirement early, but since transferring to PensionBee, Lynn finally feels in control of her pension savings. She’s reaching her financial goals and getting back on track for a comfortable retirement.

Watch the full video below to hear more from Lynn.

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