How PensionBee made saving simple for Lucille

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29 Apr 2019 /  

How PensionBee made saving simple for Lucille

After a year of waiting on financial advisers to consolidate her pensions, Lucille was getting weary.

She had a number of dormant pensions from previous companies and was concerned about losing track of them, as well as losing their value to costly fees.

Lucille decided it was time to make matters into her own hands, and after a recommendation from a friend she decided to sign up to PensionBee.

Pensions made simple

Lucille found it easy to bring her old pots into one PensionBee plan. She just gave us some basic information and we took care of rest, with her personal BeeKeeper updating her throughout the process.

You’ve got a point of contact. It’s nice to know that if I do want to contact PensionBee I can email my BeeKeeper and get a response from a person!

Lucille uses PensionBee’s pension calculator to work out how much she needs to be contributing to meet her goals and retire earlier. Now, she’s excited to save into her pot and fund her big retirement travel plans.

A transparent pension for the 21st century

Lucille loves the extra transparency she gets with PensionBee. Her online balance helps her follow all her fund’s activity, while her Analytics charts help her track the performance of her money.

PensionBee allows me to see how my pension’s performing. I’ll be able to work out whether I need to ramp up my contributions, which will help me get to retirement. And then I won’t have to work any more!

Watch the full video below to hear more from Lucille.

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Mobile PensionBee analytics chart
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