How PensionBee helped Fiona take control of her retirement

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23 Apr 2019 /  

How PensionBee helped Fiona take control of her retirement

As Fiona approached 40, she wanted to start building a nest egg for the future. She had several pensions from previous jobs and her main concern was to bring them together, so she could start building a clearer picture and put a saving plan in place.

Fiona fixes her pension mess

After finding out about PensionBee online, Fiona decided to consolidate three of her past pensions with us. There was no need for her to send us reams of paperwork, or spend hours on the phone to old providers. All we needed to combine her pensions were some basic details, like her provider name and her policy number.

PensionBee deal with it all. I just put my name in and my policy number, and then they’ve done everything else. I didn’t have to do anything, it was just... done!

Fiona found the process quick and simple from start to finish, and she now uses our app to keep track of her pension from her smartphone.

Pension peace of mind

With her pensions all in one place, Fiona’s now a lot more relaxed about retirement. She loves the transparency her BeeHive provides and doesn’t worry about her finances like she used to.

Being with PensionBee makes me really relaxed about my finances. It’s all in one place, I can see everything on my app, and I just don’t have to worry about it any more.

In fact she’s inspired her partner Dave to sort his own pension, after he heard about Fiona’s experience with PensionBee!

Fiona’s talked to me about PensionBee from the second she signed up. It’s prompted me to sort myself out and maybe it’s something I’ll be looking at!

Watch the full video below to hear more from Fiona (and Dave!).

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