Introducing the PensionBee Future World Plan

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12 Oct 2017 /  

Introducing the PensionBee Future World Plan

Today, PensionBee is taking our range of plans from three to four. Existing customers and new customers can now invest in our Future World Plan. So what exactly is it? And how does it work?

What is the PensionBee Future World Plan?

The Future World Plan invests your money into companies that pledge to move to an environmentally-friendly economy. It seeks to generate returns, manage risk and influence change, by using investor power to encourage companies to make the low-carbon transition.

Your money is invested across the globe in over 3000 companies, and any that fail to meet the minimum environmental standards will be excluded altogether from the fund. It’s serious about building a better future - for you and the environment - as it aims to strike the perfect balance of performance and sustainability.

You can dig into more details via the the plan’s factsheet.

Why are we introducing it?

Everything we do at PensionBee is driven by our customers, and we saw demand for a more enviromentally and socially responsible plan coming from everywhere - Facebook, phone calls, Twitter - you name it.

On these grounds the Future World Plan provided the best fit, as it encourages both positive change and positive returns.

How do you become a Future World Plan customer?

If you’re already a customer, switching is simple - just contact your BeeKeeper. If you’re yet to join us and like what you see, just head to our plans page.

Keep an eye out for more plans in the coming months, and if you think there’s something that’s missing, just tell us! You can drop us a note in the comments below, or chat to us any way you like.

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