March product round-up

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10 Apr 2024 /  

March product round-up

We recently wrote about some bigger updates we’ve made to our product, like the addition of a new Retirement section to our website. We’ve also brought articles, videos and our Pension Confident Podcast content into our app. But sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference for our customers and make their lives simpler.

In March, we added a new checklist to your BeeHive to help you make the most of your PensionBee account. Plus, we’ve added a handy search feature that makes finding your old providers easier when transferring a pension to PensionBee.

Make the most of your PensionBee account with our checklist

With the new checklist feature, you can identify and complete those essential steps in your BeeHive to help you take control of your pension and reach your retirement goals. Click or tap on each item to complete that action in your BeeHive. As you complete each action you’ll see it automatically checked off your list as you unlock each achievement.

Take a look at the checklist below to take stock of what you may still need to do to help reach your financial retirement goals.

checklist image 1

Check your transfers

If you’ve started a transfer make sure you’ve given us all the information you can about your old pension(s). Adding information like your old pension’s policy number or uploading old policy documents may make transferring your pensions quicker and easier. Read about other ways you can speed up your pension transfers.

View or switch your plan

The kind of pension you’d like to save into may change over time. We have a range of pension plans so you can find a plan that invests more in line with your values. You may be interested in a plan that can help build a better world such as the Impact Plan or a specialist plan like our Shariah Plan or looking to use your pension pot to purchase an annuity or other guaranteed income where our Pre-Annuity plan may be suitable for you.

Within your BeeHive, you can learn about your current plan and our other plans to consider whether switching is right for you. You can move to a different plan at any time for free, so you can do this whenever you’re ready.

Transfer more pensions

As well as personal pensions, you can also transfer your old workplace and Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) to your PensionBee account. You can even add your current workplace pension so it’s ready to transfer if you change jobs in the future. Once you’ve added a pension to your BeeHive you’re of course off to a great start! But many people have more than one pension pot with different providers (see some of the benefits under ‘Add a pension’ below). You’ll see this item checked off if you transfer more than one pension to your BeeHive.

checklist image 2

Add a pension

There are many advantages to combining your pensions. For example, you don’t need to keep track of multiple pension pots across various providers. Instead, you’ll have just one pot to manage. You could even reduce ongoing fees such as annual management fees, fund fees or platform fees. If you leave a job without transferring your pension you’ll likely still be charged a management fee by your old provider. Read about consolidating your old pensions and how our fees work

Make a contribution

Contributing to your pension is a great way to save for your future. We’ve got several features that help make it easier and simpler. Make contributions using the added speed and security of Easy bank transfer. Alternatively, you can always add money using a regular bank transfer. You can add money to your pension as and when you choose or set up a regular monthly contribution. Plus there are no minimum savings amounts meaning you can save flexibly, contributing as much or as little as you like, as often as you like.

checklist image 3

Where will I find the checklist?

You’ll find a link to your checklist on the ‘Balance’ tab of your BeeHive, under your ‘Transaction history’. Click on ‘Make the most of my PensionBee account’ to see your checklist tasks and what you may have left to complete. `

Easily search for your old providers

We’ve made it easier to find the name of your old provider when adding a pension. You no longer need to scroll through a long list of provider names. Instead, select the search box and start typing the name of your provider until it appears.

The search feature should save you some extra time from scrolling through the list. It may also help you avoid selecting ‘Other’ if you struggle to find your provider’s name, as knowing your old provider’s name helps us locate and transfer your pensions more quickly.

It’s a small innovation but we recognise the benefit a simple search box can make to your overall experience. It’s currently only available to customers who log in to the app but we’ll soon be bringing this feature to customers who prefer to access their account via our website.

Future product news

Keep your eye out for our next product update blog or catch up on previous posts. We’ve got more great new features in the works which we’re looking forward to bringing you throughout the rest of the year. We’ll let you know what they are, how they can help you save for a happy retirement and how to get started.

Risk warning

As always with investments, your capital is at risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you invest. This information should not be regarded as financial advice.

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